Celery is an character who is similar to Bacon. The Speakonia voice that voices Celery is unknown at this current time. He made his first appearance in the Season 8 premiere. He steals errors containing celery, and on Taco Night 3, allowed Sam into the dining room AGAIN!!


He has light green eyes and celery on top of his head. He likes celery, hence his name, and is a food addict like Bacon.


  • "Celery celery, needs more celery, sorry Sammy Boy, you ain't getting that celery, all celery is the property of Celery, gotta get that celery, celery celery."
  • "Celery needs more celery!"
  • "Celery needed more celery, I had Sam help me get more celery, celery celery!"
  • "That lock needs more celery."
  • "Go get that celery, celery celery!"

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