Microsoft Sam: Nevermore is a TTS series of an undetermined length by Sasha.K.Studios (you know her better as Ani)


5 years after Kantlol: The Next Generation, Demana curses Mary with Demana's Vengeance, a curse that kills. Sam must travel far and wide to find the Ultimate God, Ultimana, or die to save his cursed lover. Along the way, he meets new allies and new enimes, and eventually, he *Spoiler Redacted*


Protagonists (CASTING CLOSED)Edit

(Bold indicates minor character, italics indicated this character will die, and underline means this character will die and be revived in the same or a later episode.)Edit

  • Sam
  • Mike
  • Mary
  • Sasha
  • Scotty
  • Spiral Ivy Jones
  • Devin Green
  • Myst Ery
  • Ultimana
  • Nova/Nukana
  • Jasmine Starphyre
  • Frost Shadow Krozak

Antagonists (CASTING OPEN)Edit

  • Demana
  • Hena Locust
  • Raze Aria
  • Xenos, Yvonna, and Zena

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