The Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, Otherwise known as The Russian Federation, is the strongest current nation on Earth, as well as the largest nation on Earth at 6,592,800 Square miles. It is currenty lead by EASlol.

Russian Revolution and Rise to Power.Edit

in 2016 a man only known as EASlol staged a coup de tat of the Russian Leader Vladimir Putin in an attempt to seize control of the country, and ultimately succeeded. Vladimir Putin was then executed publically by EASlol for treason and EASlol proclaimed himself as the new leader of Russia. Under this new leadership, Russia's military began to expand rapidly with the development of new weapons, resulting in Russia becoming the most powerful nation on earth. 


Vehicles Edit

  • T-14 Battle Tank
  • T-90 Battle Tank
  • Khrizantema-S Tank Destroyer
  • Kamaz Typhoon
  • Ural Typhoon
  • Bulat APC
  • BTR-90
  • BTR-80/82A
  • UAZ-3132
  • UAZ-3163
  • GAZ-2975 Tigr
  • GAZ-33097
  • Ural-43206
  • Ural-5323
  • KamAZ 43501
  • KamAZ-6350 Mustang
  • KamAZ-65225
  • GAZ-3351 Los'
  • IMR-3M
  • BREM-1M
  • BREM-L "Beglianka"
  • MTU-90
  • REM-KL
  • TMM-6
  • BMR-3M
  • UR-07
  • TDA-3
  • TDA-2K
  • TMS-65
  • ARS-14KM
  • BRM-3K "Rys"
  • RKhM-6
  • 1L219M Zoospark-1
  • PRP-4A Argus
  • MPPU
  • R-166
  • Krasukha-2
  • Krasukha-4
  • Borisglebsk 2
  • Zastava UAV
  • Orlan-10
  • Eleron-3SV
  • Takhion
  • Forpost
  • Granat UAV
  • ZALA-421-08
  • Bumerang
  • VPK-39273 Volk-3
  • Scorpion-2M
  • TMM-3M2
  • Kurganets-25
  • T-15

Firearms and Other Weapons Edit

  • Lebedev PL-14 (Semi Automatic Pistol
  • Makarov (Semi Automatic Pistol)
  • MP-443 Grach (Semi Automatic Pistol)
  • GSh-18 (Semi Automatic Pistol)
  • Serdyukov SPS (Semi Automatic Pistol)
  • AK-74 (Assault Rifle)
  • AK-12 (Assault Rifle)
  • AK-74M (Assault Rifle)
  • AKM (Assault Rifle)
  • AN-94 (Assault Rifle)
  • AS Val (Silenced Automatic Rifle)
  • SR-3M (Silenced Automatic Rifle)
  • Dragunov SVD (Sniper Rifle)
  • SV-98 (Bolt Action Sniper Rifle)
  • VSS Vintorez (Suppressed Sniper Rifle)
  • KSVK (Anti-Material Rifle)
  • OSV-96 (Anti Material Rifle)
  • RPK-74M (Light Machine Gun)
  • PKM (General Purpose Machine Gun)
  • PKP "Pecheneg" (General Purpose Machine Gun)
  • NSV (Heavy Machine Gun)
  • Kord (Heavy Machine Gun)

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